2021 - 2022 Volume 19

Volume 19 – Disability History Month: Front matter

Front cover of Volume 19 of the magazine, showing an image of Frida Kahlo.

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[This image is of the front cover of Volume 19 of the magazine. At the top is dark green text which reads “Disability History Month 2021, New Histories, The Free Online History Magazine.’ There is a large black-and-white image of Frida Kahlo, staring defiantly at the camera against a dark background, from the torso up. Her arms are crossed, her hair is tied back, she is wearing large hooped earrings, and is wearing necklaces under her shawl. At the bottom of the page is a green box with the following white text “Jane Groom and the Deaf Colony – Missionary Colonialism and Disability History. By Bethan Davis. Disabled Impressionism: Art Through the Eyes of Frida Kahlo. By Anya Goulthorpe. Princess Alice of Battenberg: The other ‘People’s Princess’. By Hannah McCann”.]

Editor’s Note

Disability History Month occurs from 18 November to 20 December and is an annual event in the UK. I have decided to bring the New Histories volume dedicated to the history of disability and disabled people forward, to allow the volume enough time in the spot-light before the winter break. Disability History Month is vital as the history of disabled people is one of the most overlooked areas of history.

In this volume, Lauren Chaloner explores 19th century attitudes to disability as well as the impact of the First World War on physical disability at Middlewood Hospital in Sheffield. Bethan Davis has penned a piece on Jane Groom’s Deaf Colony which is an under researched area. I have written about the remarkable life of Princess Alice while Anya Goulthorpe has written about Frida Kahlo’s lesser known experience of poliomyelitis and draws upon her moving artwork (specifically The Broken Column). In a similar vein, Charlie Bunker has explored President Roosevelt’s paralysis which was caused by the poliovirus.

I have included descriptive captions on images used within articles to make them more accessible for screen readers. This will be a practice that I continue.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this volume,

Hannah McCann (Editor-in-Chief)

You can read more about Disability History Month here: UK Disability History Month – 18 November – 20 December (ukdhm.org)

You can read about the Social Model of Disability here: www.scope.org.uk/about-us/social-model-of-disability/