2020 - 2021 Volume 15

Volume 15 – Celebration: Editors’ Notes

Mya’s Notes

Hi guys, we are still trying to coexist with the Coronavirus and our future seems like it is hanging by a thread. At the end of such a tough year, I would like to dedicate this volume to the theme of Celebration, in order to inspire some positivity in our lives.

Due to the constrained nature of our lives at this moment, we at History in the City decided it was appropriate to allow contributors more freedom and flexibility when constructing their pieces and therefore you will notice the articles feel more personal in their approach. We hope to continue this practice and we look forward to a welcoming more contributions in the new year. I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and have a Happy New Year!!!

Mya Badhan – Head of New Histories

Hannah’s Notes

This volume contains an array of articles that cover a wide variety of celebrations, and we can see that people have celebrated, despite hardships, throughout history. This volume also has a greater focus on less formal essays – most notably Bea O’Keefe’s exploration of photographs taken at the fall of the Berlin Wall and Alexandra Gilbert’s incredible artwork celebrating 1947.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year! We look forward to your contributions in 2021.

Hannah McCann – Editor-in-Chief