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2020 - 2021 Modern Sheffield Volume 15

In a time when being in nature in more important than ever, let’s celebrate the work of the Kinder Scout Trespassers

By Kerry Lindeque Feeling a bit battered by wind and rain, me and my housemate Caitlin ascended the peak of Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District. We looked out across craggy rocks for the famed view of the national park’s hills and plateaus, but instead saw nothing but pure white mist. Straining …

2020 - 2021 Modern Volume 15

“We sure did have good times, too.”: The act of celebration in African-American slave communities

By Josh Evans In the famous account Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon Northup says “if ye wish to look upon the celerity, if not the poetry of motion upon genuine happiness, rampant and unrestrained – go down to Louisiana and see the slaves dancing in the starlight of a Christmas night.” Now, celebration is certainly …

2020 - 2021 Ancient Medieval Modern Volume 15

Christmas Through The Ages: Celebrations from Saturnalia to the Second World War

By Hannah McCann Every year on 21st December the tallest stone at Stonehenge lines up with the rising sun. The midwinter solstice would have been a very important day for Neolithic people. Archaeological evidence from around Stonehenge shows us that they had immense feasts – from pork and beef to mead made from honey. They …