Volume 14- Ages of Hope: Editors’ Notes

Mya’s Notes The Coronavirus era has cemented 2020 as an unprecedented year. Throughout all of the continuing hardships, we have had to persevere in order to regain some semblance of functionality and control in our daily lives. For this issue, I wanted to draw parallels to moments in history where people had to recover after […]

Hope between the horrors: The forgotten LGBTQ+ firsts of Weimar Germany

By Hannah McCann There seems to be an incorrect assumption within the LGBTQ+ community that before the Stonewall riots in the summer of 1969, queer individuals lived in secrecy. However, we only have to turn to the vibrant night-life of 1920’s Berlin and the pioneering work of the Institute of Sex Research to uncover a […]

How the Discovery of a Treatment for AIDS helped turn the tide for the LGBT+ community

By Arran Bostock In light of the confusing and unpredictable times we find ourselves in, it seems appropriate to look back at an epidemic which primarily affected the LGBT+ community – a societal group who endured hardships through the oppressive discriminatory laws and attitudes embedded in the twentieth century. The AIDS/HIV epidemic remains one of […]

Trailblazing: The life of George Arthur Roberts

By Hannah McCann In light of the events that took place during this summer in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement, historians have been forced to reflect on their approach to history. Undoubtedly, racism within the academic field has caused people of colour to be excluded from the narrative. With this in mind, I […]

Feminist Anti-War Activism in the Twentieth Century

By Jade Burnett Set against the backdrop of war in Vietnam, the aftermath of two World Wars, and the looming possibility of global nuclear war, the twentieth century was the point at which women solidified their place as political actors. Women had previously had little formal representation in politics, and were restrained by the existing […]