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2019 - 2020 Modern Uncategorised Volume 13

The Relationship between Race and Rank During the First World War

By Steph Ritson The First World War is celebrated as the first globalised war, however, the experience and contributions of non-Europeans remain sidelined. The First World War saw the increased use of colonial troops, as well as the implementation of Charles Mangin’s ‘martial hierarchy’. This advocated an ideology of difference through the segregation and subordination …

Modern Volume 13

Equal Sporting Chance? How Sport Creates, Continues and Challenges Racism

By Ellie Marlow Recent events have drawn attention to the marginalisation of non-white actors in history, driving calls for more inclusive historical coverage. The ignorance of historical and contemporary contributions by certain groups of society creates prejudiced and narrow narratives that perpetuate implicit bias and continue racism. Sports provide a valuable route to analyse why …