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2021 - 2022 Modern Volume 21

‘Defiance’: A Poem.

By Ben Danbury History can often be understood through the lens of individual struggle. LGBTQ+ history is no exception; for every act of persecution, there were brave people willing to defy societal norms and fight for a more just future. As a bisexual man, I count myself lucky to live in a society that, for …

2021 - 2022 Modern Volume 21

The Trial of Princess Seraphina: The First Recognisable Drag Queen in English History (Reprint)

by Bethan Davis Princess Seraphina, whose real name was John Cooper, was the first recognisable drag queen in English history, who took Thomas Gordon to court for stealing his clothes in 1732. The trial of Princess Seraphina was a captivating and enigmatic moment in LGBT+ history; sodomy was a capital punishment, and whilst Gordon outed …