2020 - 2021 Volume 17

Volume 17 – CALM: Editor’s notes

Mya’s Notes

Hi guys, 

This year has been really draining for all of us and during exam season and the ongoing pandemic, we thought it would be helpful to centre our issue around relaxation and calmness in order to bring about some sense of tranquillity into your lives. Mindfulness is implicitly present through this issue and we hope that this influences  you to focus on your mental wellbeing which is so important nowadays. 

Mya Badhan – Project Lead

Hannah’s Notes

I’d really like to thank everybody that contributed to this volume as we had an impressive number of submissions for exam season. This volume is about calmness, both the history of calmness and the history of what makes our contributors calm. We hope this volume can be a calming distraction from stressful exam revision. Enjoy!

Hannah McCann – Editor-In-Chief