2020 - 2021 Volume 16

Volume 16 – PRIDE: Editor’s notes

LGBTQ+ history month takes place in February in the UK every year. It is important to learn about queer individuals from the past as representation helps to shape acceptance in modern society. Furthermore, queer individuals often feel isolated until they learn about the depth and variety of queer history. From history comes the words ‘you are not alone’.

LGBTQ+ history has been on our screens in recent weeks with the TV drama It’s A Sin. This volume covers not only 20th century queer history but also the tales of Edward II, William Brown and Princess Seraphina. There is also an exploration of law and how it is shaped by society. Section 28 was only repealed in 2003 which is why this volume is so vital.

It has been really interesting to put this volume together and read everyone’s varied submissions! Thank you for taking the time to write for us.

Hannah McCann – Editor-In-Chief