2019 - 2020 Uncategorised Volume 13

Volume 13: Commemoration and Celebration – Foreword

By Ethan Moss, Editor-in-Chief

Recent events have raised a lot of important historical questions surrounding race, empire, and the way we think about and commemorate historical figures. In this month’s edition, many writers have aimed to inform us of some of the historical precedents for these decisions and the moral questions we face today surrounding how we memorialise our history. Volume 13 hasn’t just focussed on commemorating throughout history, however, in this, our largest ever edition, we have also aimed to celebrate the work of the students in the department.

Articles such as those on Eric Hobsbawm’s jazz infatuation, King Athelstan, and on the role of race in the Roman Empire have illustrated perfectly the wide variety of interests and perspectives that Sheffield students have to offer, and the passion behind their writing comes through in every line they write. Combined with articles on the Emancipation Memorial, how we should remember Winston Churchill and on white supremacy in the U.S., this volume offers not just informative views on important and relevant trends, but also some lighter reading.

I would like to thank all of our contributors for Volume 13 for their hours of dedicated research and writing. Motivation over this summer has, at times, been hard to come by, so the effort that all of our writers have put into crafting these articles is astounding and we here at New Histories couldn’t ask for more.

I really enjoyed reading all of these articles, and I hope you do too.

Thanks once again, and all the best as ever

Ethan Moss