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2020 - 2021 Modern Volume 16

The Trial of Princess Seraphina: The First Recognisable Drag Queen in English History

by Bethan Davis Princess Seraphina, whose real name was John Cooper, was the first recognisable drag queen in English history, who took Thomas Gordon to court for stealing his clothes in 1732. The trial of Princess Seraphina was a captivating and enigmatic moment in LGBT+ history; sodomy was a capital punishment, and whilst Gordon outed …

2020 - 2021 Modern Volume 16

Law and Society: The History of Law

By Finley Hammatt Law is and has historically been elevated to a divine status. In 1776, during the revolutionary war against Britain, the thirteen colonies put forth the declaration of independence whereby they laid down supposedly “self-evident” “truths” intended to form the foundation of the colonies governing ideology. Among them was the proclamation that “men …

2020 - 2021 Modern Sheffield Volume 15

In a time when being in nature in more important than ever, let’s celebrate the work of the Kinder Scout Trespassers

By Kerry Lindeque Feeling a bit battered by wind and rain, me and my housemate Caitlin ascended the peak of Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peak District. We looked out across craggy rocks for the famed view of the national park’s hills and plateaus, but instead saw nothing but pure white mist. Straining …