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2021 - 2022 Volume 22

Volume 22: Women’s History Month

Editor’s Note Happy Women’s History Month! Women’s History Month in the UK runs every March and is a time for us to bring women’s history back into the spotlight. Centuries of sexism have meant that many women’s voices have been erased from history, lost forever. But, historians can use their skills to recover some women’s …

2021 - 2022 Volume 21

Volume 21: LGBTQ+ History Month

Editor’s Note Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! Every February in the UK LGBTQ+ history takes centre stage and our writers have shone the spotlight on LGBTQ+ individuals from the past – from King Edward II, to Princess Seraphine, to Josephine Baker and Virginia Woolf. Ben Danbury has written a beautiful poem called ‘Defiance’ which inspired me …

2021 - 2022 Modern Volume 21

‘Defiance’: A Poem.

By Ben Danbury History can often be understood through the lens of individual struggle. LGBTQ+ history is no exception; for every act of persecution, there were brave people willing to defy societal norms and fight for a more just future. As a bisexual man, I count myself lucky to live in a society that, for …